Web Applications 

Sovon has created (online) applications to facilitate the input, analysis, management, and presentation of the data. 

Our expertise
Sovon has a team of technical ICT specialists developing applications to facilitate analysis and presentation. In addition, we have online applications to enable participants of the Sovon projects to input their data online. The combination of through knowledge and insight into the newest technological advances is unique, and this guarantees that our web applications are both well developed and user friendly.  



Ecological consultancy bureaus and individual professional cartographers may utilize the improved breeding bird mapping data input system for free.   With this system, it is possible to add count data and automatically check the data on your smartphone or online. In addition, you will have access to a portal where you can generate field maps and distribution maps as well as exports the data you have just imported.  

Auto-clustering Breeding bird Monitoring Project

Previously, bird observers sketched their observations directly on to maps and then the bird territories were calculated by hand. With the Auto-clustering module, the species specific observations are input into the computer and the interpretation of the territorial observations have been automated. This saves our observers at lot of time. Furthermore, the results are directly visible and available for analysis.  

An online application for inputting ring data

On the website www.wadertrack.nl observers can add Oystercatcher ring combinations. This accumulation of distribution data is vital to population research and the calculation of survival rates. There are plans to expand this application to all bird species. Likewise, Sovon collaborates with www.geese.org. 


Bird monitoring data is an excellent source of information to generate distribution maps. Creating reliable maps from monitoring data and casual observations requires the use of advanced (geo-)statistical software. For this purpose we have developed SDMaps. SDMaps are developed with a suite of scripts in the R-statistical language. The program is still in the developmental phase, but it can already be downloaded and used for distribution modeling.