Management advise

Do you want to optimize the management on your land? Sovon can advise you, by inventorying the birds species in your area and interpreting count data. 

What can we do for you

In many Dutch nature areas, but also within cities, breeding bird mapping is implemented. But how is this information applicable for your area? Sovon helps you by analyzing and interpreting the bird count data. One resource to improve management has been developed by Sovon and Staatsbosbeheer, Avifauna Information and evaluation System (AVIS).

AVIS combines the breeding bird data with ecological expertise, to create the best possible management plan for your area. 


City bird indicator

Based on the count data from the Urban Species Network (Meetnet Urbane Soorten (MUS)), Sovon has designed the City bird indictor (Stadvogelindictor) for Vogelbescherming (partner of Bird Life). With this, the bird composition can be predicted for your neighbourhood in the Netherlands. When the actual composition deviates from the predicted average; then species-specific management is possible.  

Management optimization for the European nightjar in North-Brabant

The European nightjar is a species that has been dubbed a priority in the nature policy within the Province of North-Brabant. Sovon researched the factors that were necessary to its occurrence. This information is important in order steer management advice to maintain the European nightjar population.