Field inventory

Excellent management advice or an environmental impact report starts with quality data, which gives insight into the biodiversity of an area. Which species are present? How many are there and where do they occur? Furthermore does this year follow the trends of the last few years? We look forward to discussing what type of inventory is most appropriate for your question.

What can we do for you?
Sovon has specialists that are proficient in surveying both breeding and migratory birds. They work according to Sovon’s Breeding Bird Monitoring Project guidelines, which is a standardized method for the mapping of breeding birds in the Netherlands. Our auto-clustering program, a special computer application, aids the analysis and delivers an efficient presentation of the data.


Breeding bird inventory

  • Both small and large scale area monitoring. Single inventory or yearly census
  • An integrated mapping system according to the Breeding Bird Monitoring Project
  • Applicable for nature management groups like the ‘park services, national parks, provincial management, and other government organizations’.
  • Conforms to the demands of subsidy regulation for nature and agriculture, as well as agriculture nature and landscape management

Species-specific inventory

  • For research on specific management questions (for example Research on the Northern harrier on the Wadden Sea islands or bird counts at roosting sites in Nature 2000 areas).
  • Custom fit projects which focuses on endangered species in particular areas


Ecological consultancy bureaus and individual professional cartographers may utilize the improved breeding bird mapping data input system for free.   With this system it is possible to add count data and automatically check the data, on your smartphone or online. In addition, you will have access to a portal where you can generate field maps and distribution maps as well as export the data you have just imported.