Explanatory Research

Sovon has extensive experience in the field of explanatory research. We apply the newest methods of research. Aside from species-specific specialists, we have a number of experts with extensive knowledge on the Wadden Sea ecosystem, birds which inhabit agricultural areas, and population modeling.

What can we do for you?
We can setup and carry out a research plan tailored to answer your question or solve your problem. Many of the projects that Sovon conducts are ecological evaluations on environmental policy, ecosystem management, and treatments. Furthermore, models can be applied to examine the potential effects and likely consequences of a proposed scenario. Lastly, another core research topic is the relationship between landscape characteristics and whether a species is present. 


Oystercatchers and ground subsidence 

The effects of ground subsidence, due to the extraction of natural gas, on the carrying capacity of the Wadden Sea for Oystercatchers were modeled using the WEBTICS. Sovon and Ecocurves worked in collaboration on this project, which was contracted by NAM.