Effect studies

Should a project have consequences in spatial planning, then Dutch law and nature policy requires certain precautions. In such situations, we can advise you as we are well formed of the requirements.  

What can we do for you
We have intensive knowledge in the requirements for the environmental impact test, a survey for endangered species, appropriate assessment, and reports on environmental effects. An environment impact test describes the possible effects of any consequences. Effects study demonstrates the subsequent effects on nature from recreation, building projects and changes in the environment. We can perform predictive analyses to generate potential scenarios and formulate advice. 


Effect of nitrogen on birds

Sovon has collaborated with B-Ware and Natuurbalans to develop a tool to evaluate bird habitats. By combining habitats characteristics and the species-specific nitrogen sensitivity with various levels of nitrogen, it was possible to examine the potential effects of nitrogen generating projects on the birds. The Province of Limburg contracted this project.

The risk of windmills to birds

To determine whether birds were vulnerable to the presence of windmills, Vogelbescherming (partner of Bird Life) commissioned Sovon and Altenburg & Wymenga to make a risk analysis map of the Netherlands for birds. The map was based on data from various national bird monitoring networks.