The national windmill risk assessment map for birds

De nationale windmolenrisicokaart


To identify areas with significant bird populations declines due to the negative affects of windmills, Birdlife Netherlands commissioned Sovon and Altenburg & Wymenga to make a national windmill risk assessment map. The map is based on data from various national bird surveys.

Where do windmills pose a risk to birds?

The National bird windmill risk assessment maps for birds was constructed by integrating maps of sensitive birds species or bird group that are representative of the population[MA1] .  The maps for the following species were included; water birds, swans and geese, meadow birds, farmland birds, colonial nesters, and important migrants.

A resource for impact assessment 

The national windmill risk assessment map for birds is a resource to assess the potential impact of windmills. The maps depict where particular risks can be present. However, this tool is not appropriate to evaluate the affects of a specific building plan on birds, it is a springboard for further research.  It is important to remember the effects of spatial development need to be judged at the regional, the national, and sometimes the international scale.